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Job Seekers FAQ   (Employers FAQ)

Find answers to commonly asked questions below.

How will my resume be accessed?

Access to your resume is set according the option you choose in My Resume. Choosing "searchable" means that employers will be able to search your resume in our database, and that you can send your resume directly to the employers listed on our site. Choosing "private" means that your resume cannot be accessed through our database, but you can still send your resume to employers that you select. See our privacy policy for details.

How is my resume sent to the employer?

Resumes submitted by you are sent directly to your chosen employers via email. We reformat each resume to ASCII text that will closely match the format of your resume you see on the preview page prior to finally sending your resume.

Can I search on jobs?

We link directly to the employers' own jobs pages, where jobs change daily are outside of our control. So although our employer finder helps you pinpoint employers by location, industry and size, you'll still have to visit their sites to see what they have, including many jobs not found anywhere else.

How do I suggest an important company or resource listing?

Our listings are compiled and maintained by expert editorial staff. If you think we are missing an important employer or resource, feel free to suggest it using our contact form. (Sorry, we don't have time to personally respond to each request. Your request may take several weeks.)

How do I "cut and paste" my resume?

We really do get many requests asking this. Here's how:

  1. Open your resume in your word processing program.
  2. Select the text by pressing the CTRL key and the A key at the same time and releasing. You will see the text background color change, indicating it is now selected.
  3. Copy the text by pressing the CTRL key and the C key at the same time and releasing.
  4. Go to the resume submission form in your browser. Click inside the resume input box to activate it.
  5. Paste the text by pressing the CTRL key and V key at the same time.
  6. Note: Mac users use the "command" key instead of CTRL

Can the staff at the HomeTown Careers Network help me find a job?

While we can't provide any personalized job hunting help, here's what we've heard works pretty good:

  1. Visit the employers' sites using our employer finder and apply to those jobs that you are qualified and interested in.
  2. Network as much as possible to cast your web wide. Use our resources page to locate professional groups and non-profit volunteer opportunities both great ways to meet people.
  3. Take some classes if you need to increase of brush up on your skills. Many educational institutions are listed in the resources page.
  4. Take advantage of career centers offered by your local government and/or non-profit agency. These may be listed on our resources page.

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